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Letter: Vote yes on WV road bond amendment

West Virginians have the opportunity Oct. 7 to jumpstart our economy, create thousands of jobs and fix our potholes by voting yes on the “Roads to Prosperity” amendment.

Being back in the Legislature after a long absence, I am extremely proud that we recognized our crumbling roads and bridges needed to be fixed.

We passed a resolution to allow our citizens to vote on a $1.6 billion road bond. We also passed legislation that raises revenue to repay the bonds.

One only has to travel throughout our beautiful state to experience firsthand the need for new road construction and road maintenance.

The 2017 legislative session brought to the forefront many issues that have long been ignored. West Virginians are lucky legislators heroically stepped up to the plate — increased some fees and made adjustments to the gasoline tax — and put forth the “Road to Prosperity” amendment.

We listened to our constituents who complained about the deplorable condition of our roads. We all are tired of the damage done to our cars and the realization that many of our bridges may not be sound.

In a session mired in budget issues because our tax revenues are down, we rose above partisan differences and put forth the opportunity to put us on the road to prosperity.

Just think, with road construction and road maintenance, workers will be out in full force, roads will be improved and the economic benefit of $1.6 billion dollars of spending will be enormous and transformative.

Even though the Legislature passed the road bond resolution and the necessary revenue measures to repay the bonds, sadly the GOP Executive Committee voted to oppose the measure.

I am outraged and dismayed committee members chose that path.

Good roads attract new businesses, more tourism and a better quality of day-to-day travel for all of us.

I am sad the executive committee wants to hinder economic growth and consign us to poor roads. We need to look to the long-term future of our state and improve our existing roads and build new ones.

West Virginia has many challenges, and our Legislature has taken a bold first step to start the road to prosperity.

Now we need to vote yes on Oct. 7.

Charlotte Lane


Lane is a Republican delegate representing the 35th district.

fixourroadswvLetter: Vote yes on WV road bond amendment