About Us

Fix Our Roads is a campaign of West Virginians for Better Transportation.

West Virginia needs to pass the road bond on Oct. 7

  • The bond will not raise taxes.
  • It will fund road projects in every county.
  • The bond is supported by business, labor and teachers.
  • Passage of the bond will lead to tens of thousands of new jobs.

It’s time to fix our roads now!

Click here to see a complete list of potential projects.

West Virginians for Better Transportation is a statewide coalition of businesses, trade associations, chambers of commerce, convention & visitors’ bureaus, community groups, local leaders, educators and many others. These groups have joined together to pass the road bond.

Go to our website at www.keepwvmoving.org to learn more about our coalition.


The poor condition of West Virginia roads and bridges is costing everyone. From additional cost for vehicle repairs and good jobs to unsafe roads. By passing the road bond on October 7, West Virginians will create tens of thousands of jobs, provide authority to fix roads in all 55 counties and create a safe transportation system.

The Facts

  • Tens of thousands of jobs will be created with passage of Road Bond

  • 100,000—number of jobs the WV State Road Funds creates or sustains

  • Passage of the Road Bond will not increase taxes

  • $400 million spent annually on extra operating costs for vehicles due to bad roads

  • WV has 2nd-highest traffic fatality rate in the US

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our campaign, please contact us at info@fixourroadswv.com.